About EMME

Wife of a magnanimous awesome handsome Man,  mother of three,  and the official household bad-cop-kill-joy-disciplinarian-mommy-monster who loves her husband and kids to bits.  I have a perpetual sweet tooth that makes me a dessert junkie and a carb addict too – I know, it’s a tough life choice, not!  

And then I love words : read them,  write them,  compose them into poetry. If time allows it I’d have probably eat,  sleep and poop them too. So this space here is for them to invade because I am such an opinionated chick I have too many things to say… Have fun and enjoy the ride while you’re here even if it’s all not really meant for your enjoyment.. And be kind people.  Kindness makes you beautiful no matter how you look.  It makes you lovable and I really want to love you too.  


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