My Super Man

So I came back from a vietnam work trip, which was not so much a work trip than it was a leisurely trip with work mates, and i was greeted home to a whole lot of tidiness and warmth. While I was away, Hubby made sure that the house was clean and proudly presentable for me for when I get home. All at the same time of being a single parent too (yeah so my mum helped a bit but even she testified, Hubby did most of the heavylifting)

No one was more proud of him for his efforts and achievements than I was. To think he was thoughtful enough to please me this way, is making me just speechless with gratitude.

He is officially a SUPER Man, MY Super Man.

I did not doubt that he would have the ability to handle the kids on his own. He usually have help from his parents with the parenting bit whenever I am away. But the past 5 days was the first time he was on his own as both his parents are away for Umrah. My mom was present for assistance, but with just a single hand help, he did most of the stuffs on his own. Though i did not doubt him coping with my absences and reduced help due to his parents’, absences, I did not expect him to do beyond what is necessary given his situation. But for him to put in the effort to clean the house for me, on top of his single parenting stint, is just my icing on the cake of his overperformance.

In our bedroom alone, the walls and ceilings are barren from webs, the floors shiny and spotless, the dirty laundry left to a bare minimum pile, the bed sheets, changed and crisp clean. The rest of the house is pretty much in sync as well. In my eyes, it spells one thing : LOVE. He loves me enough to make an effort beyond my expectations. How could I not love him back as much or even more?

It is wealth like these that keep me grounded. We are not overly wealthy materialistically, but if I have to forgo fortunes for this kind of richness in life, I would pick this, pick him, pick his love, everyday, everytime, always.

Alhamdulillah, for His Grace grants me my true fortunes in life – love and happiness from a Super Man husband, with super kids to make me smile, everyday in gratitude. Thank you Allah, for Your Graciousness. I pray everyone else enjoy similar fortunes.


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