Acrostics for Adam at Four

My little man has grown a year older. He turns four today.

These days he tries my patience regularly, which is expected of course, for a boy his age. What is not to be expected or even accepted are my sometimess impatient responses to his naughtiness. I am guilty of too much unwarranted anger that he does not deserve, simply because I couldn’t control my own tolerance to the norm of a boy that he is. It is so easy to let my emotions get the worst out of me when life is hectic and in addition having a toddler baby demanding a lot more patience in parenting.

Adam knows I have been rather difficult to please. Just the other day he said this, “Ibu ni asyik marah je. Tak baik tau marah2.” But no matter how upset he gets that I am upset and naggy and scolding, he always ends up coming to me, sidling to the side with a pout and a sorrowful countenance and a heartfelt apology of ,”Sory Ibu, Adam tak buat lagi k”. Sometimes I wonder whether he was even aware of the cause of my anger, hence the apology, or if he simply apologizes because he hates seeing me angry without really understanding what for. But everytime he does that, I am promptly reminded of how ‘uncool’ I am. So I always respond with a hug and always explain why I was angry and why he was wrong. I also apologize for being angry but then proceeded to tell him that I love him. That, I would tell without fail.

I need to work on my responses and unnnecessary anger issues, obviously.

But I am certain, no matter how many times I raise my voice and snap, Adam knows I love him so very much. And I make sure I tell him that all the time, so he never forgets.

This is another testament to my adoration for my first born, Adam. Another annual birthday acrostic; so that when he grows and knows how to read, he will remember only my love.

This year’s reads : Muhammad Adam Wafi is now four.

My heart is swelling with much pride

Upon seeing my little light

Has reached an age of much delight

A glorious boy, oh what a sight

My baby now is a little man

Most smart and handsome in our hands

A cheeky charming little guy

Driven by imaginations running wild

A while ago it had seemed to be

Dear in our arms, a baby glee

And now today you’ve aged past 3

My chirpy little busy bee.

When did you get to be so tall?

All smart and chatty, standing bold

For now you are a thrilling 4

I find it hard to just ignore

It seems too fast that you have grown

So quick to ripe, so swift time’s flown

Naughty and wild but remorseful and warm

Oft testing my patience, emotions in arms

Will you ever cease to wiggle your charms

For it matters not how big you are

Or how much more you’re learned to soar

Upon my heart, you will always be

Real cherished and loved, my baby dear




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