ACROSTICS for AIDIL. Happy first birthday muffin hero!

This is no revelation. This is a fact. I have no time for blogging anymore. It was almost a year ago since my last post – the last being another birthday acrostic for my eldest muffin hero Adam. It seems, i now only have time to do this blog-updating excercise when my sons celebrate their birthdays – purely as a tribute to the little munchkins in the form of a birthday acrostic.

Which brings me to this post. Yes, that time of the year when another son of mine celebrates his birthday. A time for another birthday acrostic. After many many months of deliberate hiatus that cannot be helped,  I am back with a birthday acrostic for my second muffin hero, Aidil, who is celebrating his first year of life.

I do not want to be too preferential so I will stick to the format that I did for Adam when he was one year old.

This acrostic (in non-prejudicial manner) reads his full name:


Aidil, this is for you, so that when you are big enough to read and understand words and their meanings, you will know how much I (we) love you.

Meshed between our love and hearts’ contention

Unrestrained are our feelings of gratitude

How another child can evoke so much affection

A love now divided two but not subdued

Most precious and adorable you truly are

Much joy you’ve added to the family

A spark of light at night, you are the star

Don’t ever doubt how much you’re loved so dearly

A divided love could not have felt this great
If its divided surely it would feel inadequate

Divided love a term now seems inappropriate

It must be said that love has multiplied instead

Little did we know of how much joy you’d bring

In such a short while you have us all so charmed

Mirth in your eyes, as if you’ve watched the angels sing

A bundle of pride you’ve been, warm in our arms

Not a single day has passed without your coos

Beguiling us in heaps and bounds, and awe induced

It is as if we feel the mountains move

New rainbows freely form as if on cues

Most thankful we have been for you my love

One of God’s gracious gifts, you are our life

How sweet you smile with cheeks in dimpled coves

Dreams are fulfilled with twinkles in your eyes

A prayer always that you stay away from harm

Kneeled in our prayers every day for your well being

Heaps of good fortunes nestled in your palms

May much happiness and triumphs your life shall bring

Abundance of joy and laughter everyday

Live well and love and laugh as well as you may


We love you to the moon and back!



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