My Adam is three today.

Three years ago today, he came to be our most treasured gift and made us the richest couple in the world.

Now, he is our grown up little man, still the incredibly adorable boy he has always been.

I do not have much time to type a long post, but I at least have this much time to write him, what has become an annual ritual now, a special birthday acrostics.

This year’s acrostics reads : M.U.H.A.M.M.A.D  A.D.A.M  W.A.F.I  I.S.  T.H.R.E.E  N.O.W!!

My life’s been filled with countless joy

Undulating pride for our liitle boy

He now stands as a little man

A full fledged toddler in our hands

Most chatty, warm, and witty too

My handsome little baby boo

A sensitive soul he absolutely is

Death of his tears with just a kiss

A lively kid who knows too much

Does things that always make us fuss

And questions everything he sees

My talkative little busy bee

Whenever he demands our care

And nothing else can quite compare

For his coercion is the law

In this land no one can ignore

I have no gripe with how he’s raised

So loved he is, all in God’s grace

Though spoiled a little now and then

He knows when he has to repent

Rushed by the time in all our bliss

Endearing son of mine now is

Exactly three years in a wink

Now it is time he spreads his wings

On to a kindy he will go

With all our love and prayers so

Happy Third Birthday My Baby!


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