My lovely Adam

Adam is exactly 2 years and 7 months now – and he continually surprises and amazes us with his abilities to talk and joke and be mature when we least expect him to, on a daily basis. There’s no shortage of entertaining things he does or says to make our days (even the lousiest ones) better. How he picks up vocabulary and uses them in the correct manner just by imitation, how he fluently recites his doa just by repeated listening, how he follows us to perform ablution and prayers, imperfectly even for a child his age but with ardent interests sometimes.

While waiting for foods we ordered at a restaurant, I put my head in his lap recently while he sits on the table in front of the chair I sat in. He cupped my cheeks with both hands and looking into my eyes, probably thinking i was scared to have hid my face in his lap, asked me, “Ibu takut ke?”. I replied,  “Hmm..” and he continued, “Ibu, jangan takut tau. Adam kat sini” and proceeded to kiss me on the forehead – just like I always do when he’s afraid of the thunder and fireworks and loud sounds. Oh gosh, it was so touchingly adorable I could squish him! My little kiddo, he really does and says the darndest things sometimes.

He is a fast learner. Even his babysitter tells us, he’s pretty mature for his age – which is good cause he is rather tall for his age also and he’s going to be a big brother soon too. My only gripe is being the first grandchild on both sides of the family and showered with so much attention for the first 3 years of his life, makes him a little pampered, hence a little bit more oversensitive. He doesn’t respond kindly to the word, “No” or to restrictions, always wanting things to be his way, though not all the time, but most of the time. I’ve learned to slowly control this, realizing if I explain a compromise, at times when he’s willing to listen, he will relent. Like when he says he wants to leave the table and wash his hands after a meal, I try to compromise with him that if he just finish another mouthful or two of his food, I will help him wash his hands and give him some chocolate milk too. Certain times, he listens and then ask me, “last one ke ibu?” and finish that one last mouthful or two before he asked to leave again. It doesnt work always, sometimes he is adamant he will start screaming what he wants, and my challenge then would be to exercise my utmost patience and be gentle through it.

Motherhood is certainly not easy, but it is certainly not something you can imagine life without. Now that I have known the joys of motherhood, I wouldn’t trade it with anything in the world. 

I hope, I can be a good mother for my lovely Adam, he will always be my ray of sunshine (and so will his sibling(s)).


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