Gratitude shown for every small or big thing you do makes you want to do more.

I used to sleep late (always way past midnight) at the old place when the whole house (meaning Adam and The Hubs) and the world in general were asleep. It was usually time (the only one I had) to do house chores in peace without interruption or distraction. The hours between coming home from work and the family’s bed time were spent cooking and entertaining the little kiddo and The Husband instead. Sleep usually comes after a labour intense house chores and a quick shower past 2am – before waking up again at 6.30am for another quick shower and work. 4hours of sleep were considered the norm for me; yet I felt like its a natural thing for working mothers and did not fret much over it.

Well, it has been months since I have stayed up for housework. Technically ever since I moved in to the new place (4months ago) the number of times I slept past midnight doing house chores accounted less than five times. Its me getting older I think and also pregnant at the same time. I seem to need more sleep, on certain days even more than my son does. I feel terrible that I am no longer efficient in that sense. I am much less energetic this second pregnancy as well, despite additional supplements. I probably need to change my diet to include pregnancy super foods and maybe add in some light exercise routine as well.

However, lastnight, after such a long time, I found myself unable to fall asleep. I was tired but I cant seem to doze off so while The Husband and Adam slept, I went to do some clothes folding. I was so engrossed I finished the whole mountain of clean laundry in 2 hours (which by the time I got into bed, was past 2am). Even finished rearranging them in the cupboards. For the first time in a very long time, I feel happy to play the house-wifing role of completing a task (that previously seemed overloaded). Husband seemed appreciative, though he never complained before (because he is so very understanding), the fact that he had verbally thanked me and kissed me gratefully on my forehead must mean he is very happy to have woken up to cleared laundry baskets and folded up clothes neatly stored in the cupboards, particularly since he does most of the laundrying.

I feel more motivated now to continually keep the pile small and minimal. There’s nothing happier than to see the face of your beloved Husband happy and if keeping up the folding chore with his laundrying work makes him smile, say thanks and give a thank you kiss – I would like to be able to do that for him many2 times more.


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