No more guessing

It has been confirmed with 90% certainty we are having a boy. The last detailed scan we had at 23 weeks revealed that.

I am still excited. I guess, in a way, it takes off the rush of buying new stuffs as a lot are available for recycle. But I remember that one girl baby romper that I was so in love with I had to buy it still folded nicely in my cupboard. When will I use that? Hmmph.. maybe on the next one.. hehe

Baby’s healthy and active. Nowadays you can even feel the strong kicks if you put your hand on my belly when he’s actively kicking. The Big Brother Adam seems ready to embrace brotherhood. Signs of protectiveness is there subtly. Sometimes, he would ask me ” Baby adik okay tak?” and on the rare occasion when he sees The Hubs jokingly slap my bum for moving too slow, he will scold his ayah, “Ayah jangan pukul Ibu. Baby adik ada kat dalam tu”. How cute!

These days though, the tummy has been feeling rather taut and stretched out. Not too comfortable. Standing or sitting too long hurts my back and bottoms. Past 20weeks gestation, I am expected to gain around 2kg/month but I think I may have exceeded the range this month. I feel SOO HEAVY…

I am easily tired too these days, and always hungry.

And owh, the scalp still itch though not as bad.

Otherwise, everything else is good. Hope things get better..




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