Most people still dont know I am pregnant.

Despite me feeling like I have grown bigger a lot faster this time around, and whining about losing my waistline completely, most people still dont know I am pregnant – which is funny because I feel sooo preggers.

Those who knew from FB and see me in the flesh tells me, ” If you hadnt mentioned it on FB I wouldnt have known just by looking”. Those who dont know or dont have me in their FB friend list and are brave enough to verbalize it to me thought I was gaining weight. Some even wanted to introduce weight lost programs to me and was surprised when I told them I am pregnant before they go on with, “Oh… no wonderla, I thought you were gaining weight”. I have a feeling that’s what the others think too, except they’re not brave enough to say it to my face. So instead of looking pregnant, I actually look fat, and possibly ‘buncit’.

I am not sure if this is a good thing. I would be happier to be regarded as ‘the pregnant woman’ rather than ‘the buncit woman’. Buncit means I am careless about my health and my appearance so bad that even when my hands and thighs are not too fleshy or fatty, my stomach still bloats. I may be careless with my eating habits, but please, I am not THAT careless. All this buncitness is the baby swimming in the amnio – and it would be nice if people think that instead of ‘oh look, how much fat is dancing in her stomach you reckon? she looks so fat”.

Ah well, hubby isn’t complaining. He still thinks I am sexy, buncit and all. Isn’t that all that matters?


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