New pregnancy symptoms

Second trimester pregnancy isn’t always smooth sailing, despite people saying its supposedly the best time to be in during pregnancy.


I have the worst acne breakouts in all my life, my skin has never been this bad before. Seriously, I have a new understanding of how frustrating acne problems could be – having never gone through one before. In comparison, this is probably nothing to some people. But to someone who hardly ever has to deal with severe skin problems, this is a little annoying.


I have lost my waist at 4 months, any way you look at me, (yes even from the back) I look like a rice sack. No I am not fat. I just don’t have a waist anymore, I might as well be fat.


I cannot even fit into most of my baju kurung, there goes my attempt to not look so bloated. The ‘kain’ has to go all the way up to the undersides of my bra in order to be able to fasten, thus making the edge hangs high (senteng), like there isn’t enough cloth to make it longer. So most of my baju kurung will have to wait till after delivery.


I have rashes on the back of my neck and behind my ears. I suspect they are extended to my scalp too cause my scalp itch like mad almost all the time. I don’t have dandruff (or lice) and hubby said he couldn’t see spots on my scalp that could pass as rashes, but my scalp itch to the point of driving me crazy. No amount of daily shampooing makes it better. Deep conditioning? Tried that, didn’t work. In fact, at times, washing and shampooing it makes it worse. I got so irritated I googled online. Sure enough, many pregnant women reported the same. No dandruff, no lice, but the itchy scalp driving them all nuts. Well, now, that’s me included in the masses.


The downside, everybody’s asking for tips to alleviate the itch, and nobody really having a solution other than – to just wait till you have the baby. That’s like many months to go still for me. Argh!!


At times, both my arms itch too – for no reason (sans rashes).


Not much bleeding gums this time around, but teeth brushing do sometimes make me pukey. Not as bad as the first pregnancy but occasionally its there.


Standing for not-too-long these days even give me back pain. At 4 and a half months!! When my tummy is considered still not too big!! Imagine how it would be like when I get heavier later on. Thank God for my new pair of Scholl with the memory cushion. Hubby really does understand my pregnancy needs.


Hungry all the time, this is a given. But can’t eat much each time, small frequent doses, that’s the trick. Still it is so easy for me to have a bloated tummy, it’s like I can’t even be late a minute to fill it with food the moment I feel slightly hungry, or it feels like I get the wind in soon enough. Benci betul!


Despite all these annoying symptoms, I am happy that I am otherwise healthy (though a little tired most times). I hope baby’s alright in there and if possible, please God, make the scalp itch go away a little bit. I’ll put up with the acne and the wind. But I could seriously use less itch on my head. I may bleed my scalp if I keep on scratching at it the way I do now.   


Oh well, every pregnancy is different, isn’t that what I’ve been told? All these new symptoms should not be cause for too much alarm right.


I hope other pregnant mommies out there have a more smooth sailing journey.




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