Pink? or blue again?

I remember my first delivery experience. In retrospective, it was an ease much to be grateful for. Of course I did not think so at that time, I felt like dying in the 38 minutes it took to endure the labour and contraction pain until my muffin hero came out. 38 minutes with nothing but entonox to help me through the ordeal and a reassuring husband whispering encouragements and reciting the first four verses of the Al-Insyiqa’ together with me in my ear. Looking back and remembering what I said in the labour room now out of pain makes me laugh. It makes a funny story – about a time when nothing was funny. But I was thankful for the experience. It taught me a great deal about pain – one so great it makes you think of death, about miracles, about the beauty of bringing life into the world, about a husband so supporting you couldnt imagine what it would have been like without him around, and about appreciating everything else in life.

I will not have the pleasure to take epidural again this time around when the time comes for delivery. My prolonged aPTT is always going to be there. But its okay, like my kind Gynae said, as with most of his Malay patients, I would be fine with just entonox. I was fine the first time. It did help. Maybe that much pain and no luxury of continuos painkillers helped me pushed him out faster, maybe.. Either way, I will be enduring that great pain again. The pain that hubby witnessed and discounted my child-bearing capacity for. You see, he is an only child who naturally envisioned a big family with more than one kid. He wanted at least four. However, when I woke up in our suite after the delivery, one of the earliest things he said to me after a string of congratulations and words of admiration at what a good job I did, he added that should our second child be a girl, we could stop there, IF I WANT TO. I gathered it wasnt because he wanted it, it was him considering my wants after all the pain he saw me went through giving birth. I thought it was dearly considerate – whether or not I agreed to it, I appreciated the fact he doesnt expect me to churn out babies by the dozen to compensate for his growing up an only child.

I remember it still, and so does he. When we found out we’re pregnant (unplanned yet again), we thought it would be great to have a girl this time around. Then, as my pregnancy progresses and my symptoms differ by a large margin to the last, we thought there’s a high chance it could indeed be a girl. Other people speculated the same too. The Husband also mentioned he has it in his gut that a baby girl is on the way.

Anyway, I read some articles on the net a few weeks back, on how to tell if you’re carrying a boy or a girl? Several articles actually – out of curiosity.

 Before the articles my instincts tell me that I may be carrying a girl solely based on gut feeling and on how different the symptoms are this time around versus my first time conceiving Adam, just like The Husband’s gut feeling; but anyways, we were purely guessing, not wanting to be too presumptious about it lest we were mistaken.

 However, based on the articles I have read, if we choose to believe them, we may have a high chance of carrying a girl this time around.

It says that carrying baby girls usually expand the tummy horizontally and makes it more rounded to the side whereas a baby boy usually extends the tummy horizontally and oval shaped from the front making it look like you’re not pregnant if people view you from the back.

 I’ll be honest, it’s the first thing I realized too. I think my tummy bulge also grows faster this time (maybe cause its my second pregnancy and the muscles have loosen and stretched from the last) and starts showing a little right about the time I enter my 3rd month and is rounded to the side that it makes my waist bigger – as opposed to the oval shape when I was carrying Adam. I feel a slight penguin swagger to my walk too when I have strolled around for quite some time, at only 3 months!

I didn’t have the penguin walk until about 7 and a half months when I was carrying Adam. I didn’t show until I was at least 5 months with the first pregnancy, this time at 3 months I have had to take out all my pregnancy pants cause the usual ones don’t fit anymore since the bulge came early and rounded to the sides. They only do too snugly it gets stuffy and uncomfortable.  I only started wearing pregnancy pants in my seventh month with my first pregnancy. That’s like 4 months difference all because the shape of my tummy is all different than the first time.

 Other different symptoms I have this time around compared to the last pregnancy?

 Significantly less nausea and vomiting. Articles say it’s symptomatic of baby girl carrying.

 Absolutely zero puke trigger smells to date. Articles say this is another symptom of baby girl carrying.

 So much acne blooming on my face its irritating. I have not had much worse skin condition than I am now. More than one article on gender prediction based on symptoms state this as characteristics of a baby girl also.

 Some other articles on the net suggest that more sweet cravings suggest girls, while sour cravings suggest boys. I have sashimi cravings which is neither sweet nor sour. But I would say I eat and drink more sweet stuffs this time around too, catching myself munching on chocolates at random, making iced sarsi cordials during dinners, and look for sweet juicy fruits for snacks often. In fact a few weeks back I bought seedless grapes that everyone thought was soury sweet. They said it was just nice – for a seedless grape. Masam2 manis kata orang Melayu. I thought it was just sour – so I didn’t eat it cause I couldn’t stomach it.

 Last weekend on the way to Langkawi, I bought gummy candies, gummy worms and my all time favourite sour tapes at a Famous Amos kiosk at the airport. I finished the gummy candies as they were sweet. I let my son have more of the gummy worms as I feel they’re a bit too sour for me while my son loved it. My all time favourite sour tapes? Untouched till now. The prospect of eating soury stuffs suddenly lost all appeal. I find myself salivating and going crazy instead when shopping for chocolates and eating them immediately when I get back.

 My baby’s gender has been determined at conception. Nothing will change it. These symptoms may just help predict it but of course, until a more definite scan or until the baby arrives, there’s really no telling. It is an unplanned pregnancy so we couldn’t have planned out the best time to conceive a certain gender anyway. But if these predictions and our gut feelings are correct, a baby girl will be the icing on my cake. Otherwise another boy will be just as great.. as long as its healthy, nothing else matters. 

 In any case, if it really is a girl this time, The Husband may be glad to know I still plan to have more than two kids. Maybe..




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