Pregnant nose

There’s a Sister at a paediatric ward in a hospital in my coverage area who have developed quite a friendship with me [unlike her partner at work, another sister who has a case of attitude and oversensitivity issues – but that’s another story altogether]. Anyway this other sister, let’s call her Sister L, is a pleasant and patient person. I theorized its because she has kids, and the other one doesnt which may explain the attitude problem. Mothers usually have a higher patience threshold than woman who never has to deal with pesky kids. So they instead, become pesky and short-fused. [ sorry, i think i’m stereotyping but seriously, there really is a pattern here. I swear!]

Back to Sister L. I visited her last week to settle an issue that was made big by her partner, who went berserk over her own inefficiency to manage orders and itching to put the blame on others demanded I came to settle her shit for her. By the time I reached she was not even there, left off after her shift at 3pm. So I dealt with Sister L instead (whom I was more than pleased to see instead anyway) who felt bad and apologetic for her friend’s behaviour. I told her its okay. There are people in our life who throw lemons in our faces. You just have to know how to turn them into lemonades.

While chatting, she stopped me mid conversation to ask me a question she obviously couldn’t keep to herself much longer, ” kejap sister nak tanya, Aimy pregnant ker?”.

I was struck with surprise, eyes wide, mouth agape as I looked on. Then my expression shifted from surprise to confusion as I tried remembering if I accidentally dropped the info off in any of my previous visits – cause I clearly did not have a habit of sharing things like that with any random person. She caught on my confusion but waited for my answer still. I decided to ask her back, “macam mana Sister tau? Aimy ada bgtau ke sblm ni?”.

She smiled and said, ” Tak, tapi tengok hidung dah bole agak. Sbb sblm ni takde pun tapi skrg mcm hidung pregnant plk, tu yang tanya. Betul ke Aimy pregnant ni?”

I smiled, nodded and said “Baru jer tau”. We then continued the conversation about my pregnancy. I managed to ask her what is it about my nose that makes it flash “PREGNANT” and she said it was just something she could tell. Most of the time, she got it right. Its hard to explain how and what to look at but she just could tell. It probably has something to do with the flaring and the colour.

After I left I quickly looked in the mirror at my pregnant nose. See, my nose has always been “kembang”. Its a joke my eldest sister likes to tease me with – hidung kembang. I didnt complain. Kembang or not, I think it suits my face. You can’t be all perfect – as long as it looks fine, it doesnt have to be a perfect nose to complement a face. Now the Sister is saying that my nose is a bit more “kembang” than usual. You mean it flares bigger than it used to? Oh Crap! How much bigger is it now? I wonder if hubby thinks so too. He hasnt said anything so far though.

I went home and confided in The Husband. He didnt comment much. He just said it looks fine. But since then I am obsessed with my nose. My pregnant nose. Every morning I l will look into the mirror to see if it looksmore pregnant than ever as my pregnancy progresses.

Well guys, the sister was right. Now that I paid attention to my nose, I realized it does change. It does flare bigger (Crap! I know..) and it does turn a redder shade too most times. It does look pregnant. I do have a pregnant nose. There’s a giveaway to those who knows how to detect one even without knowledge of my pregnancy. Ugh..

Well, its okay. Its just a pregnant nose. Pretty soon my belly will show too. The bulge is getting bigger by day it has become slightly obvious already anyway. Just a reminder though, next time you see me in person, stop looking at my nose!


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