A slice of reassurance

4 weeks ago, it was merely a clump of meat too small to even measure properly. The only thing that the doctor could be certain was the blinking dot of its heart. It was 7 weeks old, we were told based on the rough estimates of its length.

Yesterday, it has grown into a definable being. With eyes, mouth, hands, head, body and legs all clearly visible and well distinguishable. Just 28days later, the amazing transformation had us awed. 28 days and so much has taken place, so much has gone on in there unnoticed, and voila! Its now a fully formed fetus! Subhanallah, this is signs of the creator in one of His grand mechanics of life on earth. Undescribably magnificent! 

Its not new, we have gone through this before seeing our baby on the ultrasound screen. But the amazement is just the same its like I’m pregnant for the first time. We could see it twirling in there, active and kicking. Measurements were taken, with more accuracy this time. Based on last measurement I am supposed to be at week 11. But the latest scan confirmed I’m further along, at 13w1d. EDD has moved up from October 27th to October 16th.

My worries are no more. Little bean is healthy and growing in there beautifully. We could see the face, the two black areas of the eyes, a thin line of the mouth, hands, knees, legs and the whole body. Its chin still pointed. All I wanted to know was if it was well and growing, and I was reassured. The cramps, and the muscle twitches, they’re nothing to be alarmed of apparently.

This also means I am now moving into the 2nd trimester. Its my last week in first trimester. Next week, I’ll move into the second trimester where I am supposed to be feeling much better from there on out. I do, but prgenancy is like a roller coaster sometimes. You can be feeling great one moment and suddenly all lethargic and nauseas the next. I have toned down considerably from the nausea, true. But not entirely. Occasionally after a very hectic day, and maybe a minute too late to satiate my hunger, the nausea kicks in a little. The trick is to keep my stomach sufficiently filled all the time. My appetite though not fully restored as the usual is at least picking up. I am hungry more often too, with my stomach growling every 3 hours. Little bean wants to grow faster I suppose. I gained a kilo since my last visit – just as well cause that bulge in the tummy though still small has to be accounted for.  

According to babycenter updates, lil bean should have its fingerprints formed by now. It is about the size of a medium shrimp (3inches long) and should weight an average of an ounce. Based on my ultrasound, its Bi-parietal diameter (BPD) is at 20.65mm. Head circumference (HC) is 75.70mm. Abdominal circumference (AC) is at 63.06mm. Femur length (FL) which is the longest bone in the body taken to estimate fetal growth is at 10.85mm. Est Fetal Wt (EFW) is at 21.56g. All these measurements show an estimate of betweem 13w0d to 13w2d, when averaged out is at 13w1d. That’s where I’m at, and the baby is. Still tiny. As long as it is growing at the rate it is supposed to, no one’s complaining.

Next week in the 2nd trimester, chances of miscarriage is much lower than in the first. I am relieved by this fact especially since I may want to revisit the salmon sashimi mini feast. The wanting never truly left the system, just satiated it for a while. I thought it best to stave it off until I’m more stable. The fact I have less weeks to reach there is a happy happy thing to know.  

It was indeed a day of irony yesterday. While the world worries about the earthquake in Acheh, small blessings still shower my life and remind me there’s much to be thankful for. When the 2nd powerful aftershock happened around 6pm we were outside bringing Adam for his bicycle ride. Hubby felt it. Me, I was oblivious, whether during the first or second. I was too focused on walking towards my son in my line of view I did not notice the ground swayed – even when our neighbours who were then outside felt it too. It even lasted a while they said. I was with among them, in the same place at the same time and somehow felt nothing. I was spared my moments of panic, maybe so I could rejoice in my good news longer. I do hope the earthquake is as worse as it gets – no tsunamis, hopefully. As of now the threat has been lifted. Still, you never know.

I am praying for my dearest sister to rub off on this pregnancy good fortune also. She’s planning for a baby and I hope soon, she gets to where I am now, because it would be awesome for my kids to have their very own first cousins and even greater that she too can experience motherhood.   

My mother will be off to Makkah tonight for umrah. She said she will pray for both my sister and I for happy, healthy kids. I’m sure she will, even without prompting. Its what mothers do, what my mom does, all the time. I am happy that my mom gets to visit the Holy city again, she is excited this third time around as if its her first. I hope all goes well for her there and she comes back healthy and safe.

well, that’s all the time I have for an update. Until fingers meet keyboard again, here’s wishing everyone the very best too.

Take care people!





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