A touch of trepidation

I worry a lot. I constantly do.

Yes this pregnancy may have been rather unplanned, nonetheless I do want my little bean to be safe and healthy and thriving and in the end, come out a healthy baby.

But I keep on feeling anxious about whether it is doing okay in there.

I confided in my sister, about the stomach muscle twitches I have. Its not the bean kicking cause it’s still too small but its there, twitches that if I didn’t know any better would have them believed to be kicks. My sister agreed, its not kicks, but she said it could be my muscles stretching to accomodate growth. And then the occasional cramps. that cause some pauses in my movements, like something is stretching inside and pulling my stomach taut it hurts.  This early in the pregnancy I’m not sure if I should be having these things. I’ve kind of forgotten how it was exactly the first time around. There’s a slight tummy bulge already now apparent, but another week to reach 12 weeks, I imagine it to have been slightly bigger than now – so I got anxious if in case it stops growing already.

We have a check up due this week. I plan to have it done tomorrow if the clinic’s open.

I am hoping its all alright inside and getting to see it in there all healthy and growing will ease my worries.  







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