The bun cooking in my oven this time has been a little bit easier on me.

Unlike the last when the smells of coffee and fried fish are immediate puke lurch triggers, I have not had any nausea trigger smells as yet.

Maybe that’s why I do not puke as much too. Even if my appetite wanes, I at least do not have chronic puke episodes. (oh Thank God!). I still get easily tired, but not as bad as the first pregnancy.

But the little bun is making me crave things earlier. I craved putu piring during my last pregnancy that came in the later trimesters (which was still weird because putu piring was never a favourite). and for a bit, I also craved my favourite chicken salad with croutons from Damiral (that they no longer made and broke my heart back then). That too came later. First trimester I had so much trouble keeping food down, even plain water disgusted me.

This time though, even while my appetite is suffering still, and so early in the pregnancy, I already crave good bihun kuah laksa, like the one from my old school. KFC’s cheezy wedges. SALMON SASHIMI. SALMON SASHIMI and SALMON SASHIMI

Specific things. Things you have to struggle a little to find, things that require you to enter unhealthy fast food joints or things you shouldn’t really be eating. And not exactly healthy nutrtious things either.

Cravings so strong. Unyielding, unwavering, and never-leaving.

The bihun kuah laksa, I still haven’t found the good one, but I made do with a moderate one. It was a bit of struggle because places that sell bihun kuah laksa dont spring to mind easy at first thought. Thanks to FB, people helped us find it and though it was below expectation, it was sufficient for now.

KFC’s cheezy wedges, was easiest. But its available in KFC (duh..) which is not exactly where healthy foods originate. In fact, we had a self imposed fast rule of only once-monthly junkfood during the first pregnancy, that is meant to stick in all subsequent pregnancies. So I went in just for the wedges.. (before the blueberry krushers totally flirted and won with me).

But SALMON SASHIMI. That’s tough. Not the getting it part, but the internal battle of whether it is fair for me to just eat it part. I stayed away from raw, uncooked or semi-cooked stuffs during my first pregnancyand had no second thoughts about doing the same this time around. That was before the craving came. After, I was conflicted. Guilted even for having such a strong  desire for it. 

After a week battling the urge to eat raw salmon meat, and finding my will power failing miserably, I caved in. I called my ‘personal family’ doctor first though for added reasurance that I’m not being a reckless selfish mommy for wanting ‘risky’ things. The moment she said ‘go ahead’, I called hubby for an affirmative green light and at the word ‘okay’ immediately drove all the way to Queensbay on my own for some salmon sashimi splurging. It was totally worth it. 16 slices of salmon sashimi, 2 sushi with salmon belly sashimi and a generous helping of wasabi and soy sauce satiated the unrational urge. Half of it was brought home and hubby cringed seeing me eat it. What can I say, the baby’s taste is better than the dad’s.  

Its a little ironic that I have strong cravings at the same time that  my appetite is not exactly thriving. But in the end, these craves made eating easier. These are foods I could keep down. Foods that makes me want to eat just thinking about them. It helps revive the failing appetite for a bit.

Just writing about it makes me want to go eat again.

Don’t worry. I’ll do so moderately.


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