My shallow-at-the-moment wish list..

We have a new house now and I have a mountain of wish for me in it.

Simple things really.

Mostly I wish to first finish unpacking and sorting through some of the boxes still sitting untouched on each floor without getting tired beforehand just thinking about it.

I wish about being able to have enough push and energy to go up the third floor every freaking day to do laundry. (God knows my quandary with doing laundry – its freaking endless!)

I wish I can cook and bake (with the spanking new oven) without becoming exhausted.

I wish I could have a complete reading section with floor to ceiling library and a chaise on the second floor of the room entryway.

I wish I can be motivated enough to sweep the floors on a regular need-to basis without dreading about how huge an area I’ve to cover. And mop it when necessary (which is past due by now).

I wish I have the closets arranged!!! Yes, that too.. please.

I wish…

I wish…

I wish…

Oh many a wish now dragging on my will power, and dependant on my general well being to doing labour.

Note the theme here: its all not happening because of me being tired, like, all the time. Especially after a whole day battle with nausea.

Maybe what I need most is good energy-boosting supplements (which may not work cause I have serious compliance issue), and possibly anti-emetics (a little dramatic considering its not too bad in restrospection).

I am already on a once daily pre-natal that’s heavy on iron and is upsetting my stomach every time I have it. Worst still, my appetite is suffering too and the thought of more pills makes me cringey-sick.

So if chemicals are pointless, what else.

I was told exercise boosts energy. Duh, those wishes I mentioned above, those are essentially exercise-intense labour. If I wanted exercise to be energized, I would’ve just up and done all those already. Its not even having the energy to start, now that’s my problem.

I take a slight comfort in the fact that its all just due to that period in my current situation when lethargy is a constant.


Which means, its not all too comforting.

Wise ones out there, what’s your advice out of this predicament.


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