Moving out, moving forward

People come in many different skins, a thousand different characters.

I would lament the fact of how regrettable it is to have to come across someone who suddenly turned utterly inconsiderate overnight for no reason. But it is human to be so variable and inconsistent. People aren’t alway considerate, and you can’t always expect them to be. You can’t always be considerate yourself too sometimes and may not even realize it.

So, I decided I won’t complain. As much as I would love to (like really badly), I won’t.

We get lemons in life now and then. I refused to be sourly about it, and make lemonades instead.

I will be happy of the fact that despite the stresses of moving out, I am in essence also moving forward.

I will be the bigger person. One day, I am certain, she will feel the shame.


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