Sollu ‘Ala Muhammad – a lesson from the Prophet


Last Sunday, I joined the Maulidur Rasul procession for the first time in my life. Pushing Adam along in his stroller, while hubby photograph the event.


It was tiring, but I enjoyed it, loved it even – gathering with fellow Muslims commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW in a humble but highly spirited fashion.


Eversince awaiting the day of the Maulud, radio and TV started broadcasting movies, songs, video clips and lectures regarding the Prophet Muhammad SAW. It has filled the atmosphere (at least in my world) with a sense of serenity that exudes humility, contemplation, love and gratitude; – and a multitude of other positive feelings that heightens the will and intentions for submission and repentance.


Times like these, knowing however imperfect as a Muslim I am, I feel assured that all is not lost for me. That there’s still time to be a better Muslim. That there are so many things in life I can do now, as an investment for life in the Akhirat.


Our sins with other humans, and with God, the whole of it, only we know. We may want people to think the best of us, but whether or not we are ‘best’ , it is already within our knowledge, if only we’re brave enough to admit it. Only you know how imperfect or perfect you are. You, and God. For whatever’s in your heart and mind, only you and Allah know and no one else – even if you choose to lie to yourself sometimes.


I don’t know (even if I may want to care) what people think of me but I know what I think of me. I am imperfect like any other humans, no better than another. The extent to which I am not perfect as a Muslim, I am aware of it. If I am better than anyone, I will not be the judge of that for I know how imperfect I am. Another person who may not seem better than me may have a purer heart and mind – thus making him better in the eyes of God.


In relevance to current situation, I find society these days is quick to make these judgments on another – especially if they differ in their opinions with one.  Myself included. When it comes to politics, the Muslims of the country are not only divided, but ensconce themselves with sinful deeds against other Muslims. I may not always be riled up like some, but I’ll be honest, I have judged and have had my preference. I mean who hasn’t. And I realized sometimes I may have been unfair, and not know it. I often credit myself for not going with the herd mentality, or following popular beliefs rather than seeking for truths. A trait keen for fairness that is characteristics of a Libra. Who am I kidding, a human no matter how righteously fair you think you are, is always biased and with preference – and with that, you may sometimes make the wrong biased judgments of others.


I admit, this changes nothing about my opinions of the political situation, but at least I hope it will now change the way I react to it.


Take  examples from both ends of the divide.


1)       If you think Datin Rosmah is a bad first lady, pray for her to receive ‘hidayah’ to become a good one. To be modest, to wear hijab, to live more in simplicity, to be the more fitting image of a Muslim first lady. Whether or not it happens, you praying for her good beings, is already a good deed that Allah will not overlook. Talking bad about her not only brings you sins, but gives her charity. Think of all the deeds you owe her on judgment day for all the bad talks and influential thoughts you plant in others about her. How much of your deeds you will then pass on to her in debt for slander? If you think she’s a candidate for hell, think again. She may be going to heaven collecting the debts in form of good deeds people owe her for their badmouthings. The only thing you can do for her, is pray so that you and her both get the benefits.


2)      If you think DSAI is a scoundrel up-to-no-good hypocrite of a leader, again pray that he is given by Allah the ‘hidayah’ to change to a better person. Or he may be without flaws in your eyes, but remind yourself that he is a human, not immuned to it. Pray that he becomes one of the man who will help unite the Muslims, and not divide them. Pray that he is well, and that God gives him strength to be truthful, to have peace fuel his heart and not hatred, to have forgiveness be in him for others he thinks have wronged him, to have selflessness planted in his being for the goodness of all. The best thing you can do is pray, again, so that you and him both get the benefits.


In the end, blind fanaticism will eat away at your deeds, the ones that will determine your fate on Judgment day.


So I will pray for everyone, in my favour or not. I will pray for all the Muslim leaders in the country whichever side they are, to instead of fuelling anger and spreading rancor on individuals among the Muslim communities, call the communities instead to say a prayer for their enemies’ well beings and call for unity, if not political, at least religious. I will pray for all the angry Muslims who have nothing but, ill-spoken words to say and ill thoughts wished upon other Muslims from the opposing party, to have calm in their hearts, to have their angers washed with repentence, and the will to speak only if it is good to speak of, and wish another Muslim though opposing, only wellness and calm. And I pray for myself too all of these.


Everytime you’re angry or upset or filled with loathing for another person, pray instead for his well being and for yourself, pray for peace in your heart so that you no longer have anger, or loathing.


How else do Muslims unite in this country? Are we only able to unite when its too late? If we’re Muslims practicing the teachings of Islam, and following the sunnah, I believe with all my heart, unity is only a step away.


I leave you with this to ponder and take lessons from:


The 35th hadith out of the Hadith 40.


Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah r.a., ia berkata bahawa Rasulullah S.A.W. telah bersabda:


“Janganlah kalian saling mendengki, jangan saling menipu, jangan saling membenci,  jangan saling membelakangi, dan janganlah sebahagian dari kalian menjual atas jualan sebahagian yang lain. Dan jadilah kalian hamba-hamba Allah yang bersaudara. Orang Muslim adalah saudara terhadap Muslim yang lain, maka janganlah menzaliminya, janganlah membiarkannya (dalam kehinaan), jangan membohonginya dan jangan merendahkannya. Taqwa itu di sini (seraya baginda menunjuk ke dadanya dan mengulanginya sehingga tiga kali). Cukuplah seseorang dianggap jahat apabila dia merendahkan saudaranya sesama Muslim. Seluruh orang Islam atas orang Islam itu haram darahnya, hartanya dan kehormatannya.” (Diriwayatkan oleh Imam Muslim)







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