My pocketful of sunshine.

Only one counter was open out of 4. We were next in line as he clung to me.

I decided to put him on the counter in the next line while waiting in turn. 13kg is not light. Especially before dinner.

There were 3 staffs over at the fries section, waving and making cute faces to get his attention. They thought him adorable coz he was babbling baby talk with me. In return, he turned around and called out to them, “Adik, adik! Mai sini..” in the same tone I always use when calling over a waiter/waitress to take our orders.

I laughed inside, while the three girls laughed out loud. A two year old calling adults “adik” was pretty hilarious especially in that all knowing authoritative gesture of a customer calling to place an order. They were so amused they came over to the counter, looked underneath and passed him a sticker card – pinching cheeks in the process. He said his ‘terima kasih’ and without further inspection to the gift passed it to me to keep.

I guess the girls were still amused for when i was ordering, they were still laughing, as he was still calling them over “adik, maila..!”. During dinner, one of them dropped by the table to chat with him. He complied, she was delighted. My boy afterall, is talkative (like his dad? hihi..)

It is endearing to see total strangers getting amused and taken with my son.

A little encounter and his original baby antiques have them all cheery and charmed. Imagine me seeing him grow with his daily antiques. i am perpetually amused. My pocketful of sunshine.. who makes me crack a laugh every other minute.

With Adam, everyday is a happy day. 



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