Politics, Muslims and unity.

You may say you don’t care about politics. But you have to, you cannot afford not to care. In most cases, you’re forced to. In truth, nobody who has the ability to form opinions, or perceptions is excluded from caring, albeit the tiniest bit even if they may claim otherwise – because politics is a matter of opinions, of perception.

It’s hard not to care anyway when every day of your life, political talks crop up in conversations more often than anything else. And usually its fuelled with so much emotion it becomes a volatile conversation that could spontaneously combust if driven the wrong way. It’s a scary world out there these days, because there’s too much hatred it becomes a culture. And a culture is not something you can easily be rid of – especially not a culture of hatred that is fuelled by so much passion it becomes an obsession. Many gods are created through this: individuals and parties that are deemed imposssible for faults by its followers. And then many friends alienated, many foes created along the way. No more absolute truth, just obsession that excuses all wrongs – and make them right in their warped perceptions of the truth. It divides races and the nation. It renders healthy check and balance environment dysfunctional. It hampers constructive development. It will ultimately destroy the country.

I guess if people realize there’s no absolution in politics, the political scene would be healthier. That there’s no absolute wrong or right to a side, no black and white always associated to the same party. No one is perfect all the time. Todays local politics though is more virally fanatical it becomes a kind of disease. A madness disease. It dispells logical thinking and rationalization due to extreme obsession. It mentally disable people of forming fair and prudent judgment. Of boastfully associating themselves with the side they more righteously thought white, opposing the side that is against them at all cost – even at the cost of defending truth. I am not going to pretend I am neutral and impartial. Most people know I cannot stand the opposition and their drama. I do however acknowledge when their good efforts is in due praise. I am pro-government because in my opinion, though not perfect, I see it a better option. I am just less fanatical because I accept the fact that no one is excluded from mistakes. I don’t obsess over an individual or a party to the extent of rejecting truth. And I think maybe I am more thankful of my blessings instead of being bitter with hate for things I haven’t even bled myself for. I empathise with those who do, or claim they do, or claim they do for others. But honestly most of the time they’re the same people who has more privilege than others and I don’t really see them do anything much to help other people around them, disputing claims of concern fighting for the rights of the other more oppressed people. Worst still, some of them earn a living from the side that which they so venomously abhor. The ones who have the convenience of applying loans, of 3months maternity, of 9-5 desk job that sometimes more spent talking bad about other people on Facebook, of getting a pension after retirement, more days for annual leave entitlement; the very same ones who back in school attended full boarding and receive government scholarships or at the very least, has an immediate family member, a sister or brother who does. The same ones who even now are pursuing studies on government funds. Talk about hypocrissy. I do not have any of those privileges, it amazes me how they can be such ingrates when most others are not as lucky as they have been.

Sometimes I worry for them and their cancerous anger – for they are, most of them people of the race my flesh is heir to. I worry that if politics anger them so much that they discount fairness and judge others all the time in blind fanatical allegiance to their favoured party, causing them to commit more daily sins condemning others, revealing ‘aibs, expanding ‘fitnah’, and participating in ‘subahat’ in blind faith that their own Islamic faith is jeopardized. It saddens me more that it continues to divide the Muslims from among its brothers – the people in their life who can bring unto them shafa’at.

Even if the story is factual, talking bad about others is to open their ‘aib. If its false, its fitnah. If commenting on the issue to influence others to either agree or disagree with you regarding another’s innocence or guilt, it is subahat to either the ‘aib or the fitnah – all of which are sins.

I remember Facebook posts among others about sex tapes and 24mil sapphire ring. How many ‘aib, fitnah and subahat have the Muslims of the country engage themselves in just by posting Facebook status, make judgements and influence other people to agree or disagree? In just these 2issues, so much is being said, so many opinions formed, so many millions participate in subahat. How many other issues apart from these two? Millions, day in day out, there’s never a shortage of people and their guilts exposed to either be condemned in false blame, broadcasted in shame, and discussed in influencing participation. Even if its the truth, you don’t say it if its bad. If you have nothing good to say about anyone, don’t say it. Keep the lesser opinion of others to yourself. It’s not that you can’t have opinions, but if all it does is create unrest and solidify hatred, don’t say it. If you have to let your opinion of others be known, choose the good opinions, the ones that encourage others to praise and admire and respect. Dont fuel hatred, but influence love.

I try steering myself clear from most of the hate talks – from both sides of the divide. I may not always be successful, sometimes I stray. I mean I am human, with sometimes strong opinions too but I do put in effort a lot in extricating myself from talks that are bitter in nature. I think I successfully avoid it most of the times. Talks that center on biased judgments and condemnations of the opposite side no matter which side they’re on, but offering no new insights or solutions. Talks that portray themselves and the side they are associated with incapable of any faults. Everyone has faults. No one is perfect. No one is privy to it. I have only admiration for Tun Dr M, but even he himself admits he is far from perfect, that he has made mistakes. He is after all a human, we all are.

Those who are on the fence – well they are, most of them, not usually ON the fence. They have their feet dangling over at the side of their preferred party, they’re just not fanatical. So instead of jumping into the crowd down below, they sit on the fence, it gives them a higher view. It makes them see truth. They’re more sensible people who may seem less passionate – but really they are passionate people – they have passion for truth, for fairness, for peace, for rationale; its just these passions have softer voices – peace and fairness and truth are rarely screaming bunches of incensed hormonal people. They’re thinkers who talk less and ponder more. They may seem to not have a definite stand, but that’s because they side with truth, and truth can be anywhere even in opposite sides. I prefer to associate myself with them because they don’t talk hate, they talk solutions. They don’t point fingers, they give ideas. They don’t condone violence and join demonstrations, they attend peace talks and influence people to unite. Ultimately they will either side no one (casting their votes useless) or side with the lesser evil, whichever side they know is imperfect but a little better than the opposite side. In daily life I don’t always take the same side, but at cruch time, when my vote counts, I know which side is the lesser evil for me, the side in my opinion that is more mature, though not exclusive to mistakes is not hell bent all the time at focusing on the negatives and turn over every stone to find faults of others and broadcast them. The side in my opinion is though not totally free of them is associated with much less ‘aibs,fitnah and subahat. But that’s my opinion – and like I said, politics is a matter of opinions. I’m neither right nor wrong in my opinion, its just opinion. I won’t blame you for having a different opinion for you are entitled to your own.

I wish the Muslims of the country would stop talking about others. Liwat or not, leave it to the courts. Not just one or two but countless solat hajat has been carried out asking for truth. Free yourself from the ‘aib, fitnah and subahat of it. The one accusing has sworn willingness to be condemned for generations if he lies, why need another riotous demonstration that is going to cause nothing but social unrest. Have faith in God’s will. Concentrate on bringing up the ummah instead. How to influence the youngsters to attend Jumaat prayers, how to reduce the number of muslims involved in drugs, how to improve the Muslim’s economy. A million different things to dedicate time for, for the betterment of our own people. Give ideas. Count blessings. Share wisdoms. Stop demanding too much of the country and ask what have you given back. Unite. The only way to achieve this is to stop obsessions. Stop finding faults. See the goodness in others – same side or not.To side truth in spite of the opposing ideals. To go back to the basic principles of Islam and being Muslims. Politics is not bigger than religion. Politics is just perception, Islam is the way of life. So unite, if not for anything else, at the very least for Islam. We may be pro-certain parties. We may have different perceptions, and opinions. But our religion is the same. In fact 80-90 % of our life aspects are the same. Same race, same religion, same language, same culture – a thousand reasons to unite. Why focus on just one difference not to?

Unity. This apparently is imperative.

Until we put aside political differences and unite for truth, the Muslims cannot progress from here.

Our downfall in the end will be of our own doing.


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