I am thankful…

Usually at this time of the year, I will have an entry of the year in restropective, before following suit with a new (or partially recycled) list of resolutions for the new coming year. Many things happened in my life this year, some bad, but mostly good stuffs. But rather than ferreting a list of all that’s happened in my life this year here on this so-called personal online journal of mine, I choose instead to list down as many things I can remember being thankful for. It has the potential to be an endless list – there will never be a shortage of things to be thankful for. But I will limit it to what I can quickly remember and remember most – hoping it won’t bore you too much.

So, here goes:

I am thankful for loved ones. These are the families that chose me, and the ones that got me. Husband, baby, parents, in laws, siblings, extended families and friends who are like families. The ones who teach me that even in my hardships, when I think I am alone, I never am; for there’ll always be there to sit with me through the dark until the light comes back; and in the presence of light bring laughter in my life. So I am thankful for their existence in my world, for the reunions and gatherings I have with them (though scarce these days). For the times they sit through my dilemmas and hear my thoughts, and support the decisions I made, never judging. The ones who believe in me, encourage me and dream with me.

I am also thankful for the characters in my life that daily bring meanings or challenges to my existence. They may not be close, they may even hate me, but if they are in my life as either a foe or a casual friend, in hindsight, they have all had a role in strengthening me, teaching me life better, and defining my own attitude. I thank every good and bad encounters I have because whether or not I have responded the best way I can, or the worst way, to either assistance or hindrance that have been imposed on me, I believe I have always learned something from everyone even if I may not realize it at the time.

I am thankful for my education, the one I was given and the one I chose to take, and the ones I continue taking. I am also thankful that there are so many things out there that still excites me, things that I’m curious enough about to want to learn more. The education that I will take – I am thankful for that too. For the vast, vast world of knowledge that lets me discover how inadequately informed I am, and how interesting everything is. For motivations and new insights. For Ikea interior design ideas, Pottery Barn and WordPress. For politics. For books and good literature. For John Medina’s brain rules, Tina Seelig’s WIWIKWIW20, Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, Coelho’s like the river flowing and all the good books I’ve read this past year. Actually, for all good books I have ever read. Period. For inspiration and the imagination that is a constant follow up to the inspirations – my ME moments.

For the luxury of food, leisure and entertainment. Starbucks’s scones, Baskin Robbin’s 31st discounts, Ben&Jerry’s in bigger tubs and romantic sappy movies. For strawberry flavoured ribena drinks, MOO ice creams and Maltesers. For maruku, fluffy blankets and catchy-though-sometimes-with-stupid-lyrics songs. Family car trips, vacations, and the ocean. For raspberry cheesecakes, macaroons (which I honestly think are too sweet for me), mee ceruk To’kun and char keow teow Permatang Pauh. Kapitan’s cheese ann tandoori, mango lassi, northern Indian recipes that contain cottage cheese in it (oh when it comes to food, there’s no end, I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead). For the Singapore family trip I had that enabled me to build and strengthen family ties. For late movie-date nights with hubby when we had families taking care of our boy. For beach strolls, Bobbi brown foundation and fireworks.

For simple everyday pleasures. Calvin & hobbes cartoon strips, the AFC channel, coloured papers and another season of Glee. For Pa&Ma’s magazine contests, Hubshe and Ginoble, Lego and babycenter updates! For Groupon deals, AirAsia promo, and internet browsing pleasures. For McDonald’s drive through, Telekom 103 service line, and Streamyx. Discount cards, Tesco and Jusco coupon vouchers, and visa MEPS. For online retail therapy, Pet Pet diapers and baby presents. For YouTube and the benefits of Facebooking. House chore life savers like Mr Muscle’s no need to scrub mold and mildew killer {oh just what would I do without it]. For shower creams, sunglasses and dental floss. For contact lenses. For Android free apps, GPS, Maybank2u and online-cinema ticket purchasing. For my lesung batu, Tefal non-stick pans and Omega 3&6 enriched eggs (maybe I’m wrong but I think they taste better). For my constant sense of gratification and my health.

For my hobbies. My arts and crafts and the little2 time I get for reading and writing. My collection of fancy wrappers, handmade cards, little banners and an assortment of stickers. For cute notepads and quadrille notebooks. My whole collection of poems, blog articles and scrapbooks.

I am thankful for my choices. The ability to consciously pick being healthy even if it means a half hour aerobic dance routine three times a week and nothing else. The choice to eating right as much as I can over caving in to the destructive foods all the time. The choice to doing what’s right even if it feels so wrong as opposed to what feels right but is wrong. Of choosing civility over crude hostility when dealing with insufferable people. Of choosing to always count my blessings than lament over what is not. Of the ability to consciously make the better choices and be mindful of them. Period.

I am also thankful for my memory. The ones that I’m able to hold on to so that when looking back and chancing upon them, I remember what to be thankful for, what to revisit and rediscover in order to savour the smaller moments in life that brings me happiness so I don’t get lost with the seriousness that life is without a chance to remember what’s it like to take a break from stress and enjoy little things. For old diaries, picture albums. For old home videos, comfy nightshirts and seasoned sweaters that accompany on teary nights.

After all’s been said and done, I am thankful for everything and everyone that has made it into my life, whether for good or bad. I am thankful for just living.

PS : Of course, I am also thankful for people who can read a thank you list like this one and get to the end of it without judging…. or yawning too obviously.


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