Today, early morning, i woke up, with love in my heart, and fondness in my head, I set out to write a tribute acrostic to my baby angel. He’s two today, and i have much to do for planning of his last minute ad-hoc birthday party due this evening. But for now, I gave Adam 15 minutes, to come up with something nice to write about him in another acrostic.

*** NOTE: An acrostic is ; a poem or series of lines in which certain letters, usually the first in each line, form a name, motto, or message when read in sequence.

The acrostic this year reads: M.U.H.A.M.M.A.D.A.D.A.M.W.A.F.I.I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.

It actually took me less than 15 minutes to complete it, what can i say, when it comes to Adam, words come easy..

So here it is, an acrostic for Adam, so that one day when he’s old enough to understand it, he will know just how much I love him.

My heart alights at every thought of you

Unbridled with pride remembering how you grew

How fast, how tall you are, how handsome, how bright

A joy you are to me, a million facets of delight

Most cheerful awake, so serene when asleep

My devotion for you runs most frighteningly deep

A handful most times, though obedient when praised

Do I ever cease to worry if you’re rightfully raised?

At two you can jump, mock pray and count wrong,

Don’t ever fail to remember to dance to your songs

As I sit back, reflect of just what to me you are,

My accomplishment, no doubt, my greatest one by far

When you question in earnest, of everything you see

And expect everyone to answer, at prompt, unfailingly

Full expecting all attention, no matter the explanation

I see adorable maturity, I’m amazed in my adoration

I think you’re the brightest, most charming baby boo

Like all other parents seem to think of their own child too

Of course I am biased, you’re after all my very own son

Vouched to be my epitome of most absolute perfection

Every day we watch you grow, so happy and carefree

You never cease to amaze me and your proudly happy daddy

Of all the sum of the best of all amazing things

Undoubtedly you’re our greatest that good fortune brings.

 A year ago today, when Adam was one, I had written him his first acrostic that reads : M.U.H.A.M.M.A.D.A.D.A.M.W.A.F.I.B.I.N.M.O.H.D.A.K.H.M.A.L.

Just sharing it here again:

My source of joy is a bundle of heaven

Unparalleled now is my heart’s contentment

Half believing whole charmed of this wonderful truth

A boy so enchanting he brings back my youth

My little shining star is a tiny bubbly angel

Most handsome with eyes that beg for warm cuddles

A ray of sunlight, a hope in hard times

Dreams pale in contrast to this sweetness of mine

A little hero whose many hearts he’s stolen

Distilled in pure aura of an amazing innocence

A treasure of fortune, he’s my ultimate luck,

Magical is his touch, more soothing is his hug

With smiles and sweet chuckles that make your heart swirl

A belief is what he is of all that’s good in the world

For my lovely little boy is the ever perfect gift

I have given to the world or I ever have received

Beguiled is my heart by my sweet honey bun

In his presence my life is filled with utmost fun

Nothing can compare to the champ that he is

My cute muffin hero is the essence of bliss

Of all the great things that have happened to me

He is the best yet, comparably great to the hubby

Destiny has granted me more than I’d hoped for

A perfection like Adam, I could not ask for more

Kisses that mend hurts, and spice up what’s plain

He’s the cure for the aches, the soother of pains

My deepest wishes is that his future brightly glows

And prayers for his well being shall continuously flow

Loving him is a special grace that will eternally grow



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