Twilighter I am. Not.

I was never a Twilighter.

I didn’t even know there is such a word until I looked up about Twilight online and realized the whole craze – this is after I  accidentally hooked myself up with the first installment of the Twilight Saga. Titled as is obvious: Twilight. When I say accidentally, I literally mean unintentionally stumbling upon it and reading it out of a small spark of curiosity [a very small spark], brought about by a casual browsing of a list of free downloadable e-books which had me figuring maybe I ought to give it some justice and read it for being so judgmental before. Apparently the fan followers of the series, call themselves Twilighters – which I never was,  am not, and am certain never will be. I am not ashamed to admit, I am unregrettably left behind on this (by a few years haha). So ketinggalan zaman, and not the slightest bit sorry.

I’ll be honest though, despite not being swept away with the craze of it all, I do kinda like the books, for then after Twilight, I proceeded to finish the remaining books New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – all within 2weeks. I am most certainly not an avid Twilighter, I’m just impatient. I don’t like a hanging story and want to get to the end of it if its possible – which it was with the saga. I didn’t buy any of the books though, I downloaded them all free off the Android market (one big reason to heart android technology). But on the whole, it is enjoyable reading. Granted it is not Austen, or Grisham, or Coelho, or even Archer. But for a mythical fictional genre, the imaginative aspect of the Saga is rather entertaining, even creative, though not always excellently told. So I’ll appreciate that – to an extent the book series deserve some merits – though more for creativity than for literary prowess.

The movies though :  is another story. Sure the people in the movies are gorgeous, but the emotional portrayal of the characters is anything but deep and leaves a rather unsatisfactory taste on the tongue – like something is very much lacking in flavour. Yes, granted, a novel-inspired movie is usually a compacted version and always impossible to include all the happenings depicted in the written form but talent-wise the actors and actresses do need some major air brushing which wasn’t done enough with the Twilight. No excuse for Twilight though, I haven’t fully read the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings series before I watched the silver screen versions and yet without the affirmation of the story line from the printed version, I still think as independent movie versions, they rocked. They did not seem so glaringly undercooked and partially raw.

Everything Twilight seems halfcooked, it is so unfulfilling. Maybe that’s just me but I seriously doubt the acting is award-worthy. The only reason they’re big hits is; [well apart from the beautiful people making up the casts], I highly suspect, because the books were successful. I give all the credit to Steph Meyer, for in absence of the written form, Twilight saga as independent stand alone movies are very much lackluster even horribly inadequate. People loved it because they’ve loved the story books first. I bet if I hadn’t read the books before watching the movies, I have much to be harshly judgmental about the silver screen versions – indeed I have read many online reviews about how horrible the movies are whom judging from their understanding of the story line proved they hadn’t read any of the books. And I have been harshly judgmental about it too, to be honest. I never understood the craze [mostly because I never read the books] and felt it absurd for people to be so swept up over some poorly acted vampire genre film. Worse, I thought the lead female’s character has a personality as interesting as a bowl of cereal – floating in absolute insignificance and bore-inducing manner and left long enough (usually not very long), gets so soggy you lose interest. 

Anyway within 3 weeks following the completion of the Twilight saga books, I had hubby bought me the movie versions (not originals, so sue me!) and watched them all just to see if I could understand the hype. I was disappointed. Edward was delicious exteriorly but his acting as well as most of the rest of the cast were  horrendous. I was right, Bella is a bowl of cereal. A brooding, gloomy bowl of cereal. Even in the presence of the love of her life, she still looks so dismal. And for the love of everything non-sensical, all the hot guys, especially abnormal mortals and immortals are drawn to her. And the male mortals who like her seem to have something wrong with their personalities as well. Because Bella as a normal human girl is far from interesting – which may explain why before Forks, normal human guys treat her like she’s invisible. She’s alluring to vampires, wolf shape-shifters and eccentric human males – and it’s her luck that Forks is crawling with these types. Of course the books explained why. If you haven’t read the books though, you may find it a little silly for Edward to want her just because he couldn’t read her head. Again, thank God for the book version.

But well, you’ve read the books, and since it is rather enjoyable, it seems natural for you to at least watch the movies, right?

Breaking dawn part 1 is out. I can still remember the story line from the book. But well, can’t say I’m in a hurry to watch it at the cinema. In fact, I am planning to wait it out until a clear version of the movie is out for sale (yes, not the originals. I’m just human). Its  12 bucks worth saving. I heard from some the reviews it is nothing to shout about anyway. If you’re a Twilighter, I understand should you beg to differ, but I’m not, so that excuses me. I’m sure it’ll be a blockbuster without my help anyway. It probably already is.


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