Shed the fat?

A comment was all it took for me to realize I may have unceremoniously and rather unconsciously put on the weight I was desperate to lose before my pregnancy. Well maybe not just the comment, but also the fact that following that one comment I began to also detect the telling signs in the snugness of my previously loose jeans, and in the finally-apparent flab of my belly. Oh crap! How could I have overlooked it? Just yesterdays, everything I wear needed to be held together with a belt. How did I not realize I stopped needing the belt? No wonder more and more pictures of late (that I usually blame for bad angles) have started to look unflattering.

For a while now, I think I have been taking my weight for granted when people tell me how good I look after the delivery. I never gave much thought about working hard to maintain it. I took sheer comfort in the fact that because I was actively breastfeeding for at least or more than 50% of the time, that it helped so much and I managed to keep my weight in check, almost effortlessly. I suppose I have over-stayed my welcome in that comfort zone.

Not helping is the fact that, I also have a voracious appetite, that is no big secret. It was more so apparent when I use my breastfeeding as an excuse to over-satiate my palate. I have no qualms about stuffing lipid-soaked foodstuffs, guiltlessless justifying it with the fact that since I was breastfeeding, I need all the fat I can get for maximum milk production. ( forget the fact I was once dignosed with gall bladder stones for which fat was one of the major culprit). And because I once read in an article that regardless of what you eat, your body pretty much produce good quality milk for your child, I was rather careless with the nutrient contents of what I consume. I try to eat more healthily, usually for the benefit of my hubby’s doubts and at his insistence more so than my intrinsic desire to do so, but I never totally forgo the junks (usually the best tasting stuffs) in life. I have been known to be a human junk food disposal in my early teens, I attested to it, and I guess, over time, I never really veered too far off that track.

My dear hubby has pointed this out long before I got to this state. He realized I have a passion for eating that is rather astounding and told me if I don’t change my eating habit, I’m bound to have problems keeping my weight down once I stop breastfeeding or start breastfeeding lesser and reminded me to start adopting a healthier eating habit. A healthier eating habit in his opinion would consist of 3 major meals with two small munch breaks (as in tea times) in between – not 4 major meals and 4 moderate munch breaks that I’m used to.  I told him i’ll keep that reminder in mind. And I did keep it in my mind, but at the very back of it, thinking it won’t be so soon for me to use it. Tough luck that reminder doesn’t have a pre-set alarm conditioned to sound accordingly to my increasing waistline. Now i’m left to deal with the consequences too late.

Wait there’s more to all that! I’m also too lazy for exercise. It’s not a new revelation. I never was one who exercises to begin with. I was a short distance runner representing my sports team every single year back in school all throughout primary to secondary. I like sports, just not gym workouts. Nowadays running is also a chore. Just the thought of it makes me want to crawl into bed instead. Its a shameful confession I know, and I shamefully admit to it. I can do group sports or play sports or the occasional swim but running threadmills, jogging, pulling or lifting weights, (or anything the likes of a workout) or even simple stretching in the morning upon rising from slumber that I see my husband religiously keeps up at, I cannot compel myself to follow even a measly bit. My morning stretches usually comes with a yawn, and any running I do, is usually to keep away from the rain lest I get wet. Even the things I could do, like the play sports and swimming, I couldn’t do to a routine. They’re sporadic when-i’m-in-the-mood moments in my life that is heavily excused with the term “no-time”. Truth is, even if I have the time, I probably won’t make time for it. No drive, no passion maybe even no motivation. My husband’s not a gym workout junkie either, but at least he plays sports, 3times a week, unfailingly, of badminton and futsal combined. My sorry excuse of a workout is the household chores I do,that may not even be daily but more so weekly (erk..most times). Lame I know. Oh well i’m being honest here.

If all of the above are not morbidly consequential enough to my predicament, then there’s another one: I don’t do diets either. (there’s no end to my weight related quandary is there?). Considering my big appetite for foods, this is hardly surprising. Not to say i’ve never tried doing diets before. Not the not-eat-at-all-and-starve-myself diet (i’d fail that even before trying), but the eating-more-greens-moderate-proteins-and-much-less-carbs diet of portioning. I failed miserably, the notion of rationed eating or eating less of the fattys did not sit well with my self control. I’m a weak weak being aren’t I? *sigh*

So I don’t blame anyone but my sorry ass for my bulges and the crazy reading on the scale.

Okay peeps, before you picture me looking like a whale, I am not fat-fat. Yet. I am dramatizing this for effect. In all honesty I’m just 5kg above my ideal weight. It’s still within my expected normal range, but not ideal. But I have been at this very weight before, and in certain angles,  I don’t look too flattering in print. A little pointless asking people to edit your picture to make you look better or slimmer because let’s be real, no one does it for you, especially if they themselves and the majority of those in the picture already look good – and most of the time I wasn’t too bothered, maybe just slightly cringy. I was not depressed over it to warrant any drastic meltdown, but deep down I’ve always known it would’ve made me feel so much nicer if I’m just a little bit lighter by even a kg or three. Nonetheless, ideal is over-rated though I think. If you ask me, I need to be at least 50kg to be ideally heavy for my height (puh-leeze I’m not that short..). So that puts me only 3kg above my idea of ideal. But the fact remains that I have gained unnecessary excess weight. And if I’m not careful, I am well on my way to fat.

So I’m writing me down a list of things I plan to do or start a habit out of in order to, if not make me model-figured, at least keeps me within my ideal range.

1) adopt a simple stretch regime, something like the one my husband does every morning out of bed. I suppose if you have to stretch, its good to have a fixed orientation and be diligent at it. Afterall, it takes less than 5minutes – in some people’s life where exercise is as natural as breathing, its lazy-ass enough workout. But its okay, for most other people (yeah don’t be in denial, you’re one of those like me who are too lazy for exercise too), its good to start small and be consistent first before taking a big leap and flopping before you made the whole jump.

2) drink a glass of cool plain water every morning out of bed. Now that we’re discussing water drinking, to also drink more water (fulfilling the 8glasses/day requirements at the very least) of the plain variations as opposed to flavoured/sugared drinks. God knows I need more of that. I drink too much flavoured drinks for having such sweet teeth (another sorry excuse for excessive sugar consumption).

3) take the two flights of stairs up and down while carrying my 13kg boy to the babysitter every morning. It’s only two storey’s worth of incline and decline for goodness sakes, I can at least bear that much cardio workout right? (Efficient lift service a serious deterrent to this plan but nevertheless, I will try my best to ignore it, huhu).

4) At work, park the car further away and walk around more between departments while waiting. Take the longer route when not in a hurry.

5) chew foods 30-40times before swallowing to set favourable pre-digestion for the stomach. I’ve tried this and when counted, 40times is not that long. Just twice as long as you normally take to chew. I’ve gotten chewing with my mouth closed down pat since ages ago, now its just prolonging the chewing time .As long as I remember to do it, this plan is easily achievable. And if it is, I may well be on my way of cultivating another good eating habit.

6) take up dancing or make time for a weekly swim. Dancing I can see myself enjoying. In a way, I believe its a good substitute for a gym workout. Nevermind the fact that I may not have the talent for it. The important thing is to sweat it out and not worrying if you look hideous doing it instead of trying to get the steps right and feel glamorous about it. Eventually, you’ll get better. One learns right, with enough practice you may even be good enough to be glamourous about it.. and swimming, gotta practice the strokes you’ve learned right? Otherwise what good was it learning them in the first place..

7) sleep earlier. at the moment, this seem unattainable. sad…

Oh well, for a start, 6 is a pretty good list no?

Wish me luck!!


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