He who is my hubby

I was one and a half hour’s outstation away yesterday with my boss tagging along in the passenger seat. In the company of another homosapien, we naturally chatted about anything and everything that has the good fortune to come into light for sharing and discussion in order to pass the time. I like this boss because I did not feel the need to turn on the radio to give buffer for possible intermittent silent moments that are expected to occur in between our worded voices.

In our light hearted unhurried conversations, I found
myself exalting my spouse whenever questions about him arose. I was unconscious about it of course until this kind superior of mine pointed out what a catch my husband must be to have me speaking of him with such pride and admiration. I realized too late that maybe i have shared my personal opinion too much about mine hubby. ( I am still weighing the prudence in baring my soul so unashamedly about my personal life to my superior, no matter what level of comfort he exudes and what degree of rapport that built between us).

I did not argue. I guess, I have been lucky. Although I wouldn’t admit it to his face, my husband really is my good fortune. (i can say this here because he doesn’t do much blog reading and he doesn’t know this one’s here). In any case, even if he did found out how lucky I feel having him in my life, I doubt he’ll be surprised about it. Deep down he gloats over the fact that I am proud of him and he knows it without me telling. I guess my actions speak louder than words. He’ll likely to respond in a less affirmative and possibly sarcastic commentary of how neglected he sometimes is in an audience, but there is no doubt he appreciates the adulation I am showering him with in abundance.

This isn’t the first time I gave him credit in writing. His merits are collecting numbers in a list as I write and have had the good fate of debuting in other earlier writings I have done. He is not without flaw, he is after all a human, but for every drawback, he gives back twice in good deposits.

I write this here post now as a tribute to him. It is fortunate he gets mentioned frequently enough by yours truly in her daily life to warrant an entry as a marking of my life’s events. In fact it would probably be hard not too seeing that he’s constantly on my mind. So, it’s only fitting for someone so important in my life to be given the honour of grazing the first serious post on my new blog. This is for my life, my love, my sweet husband Akhmal.

p.s: the fact I adore him this much must mean he is as lucky as i am.


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